Technology And Environments


The company is very attentive to all stages of the production process, from the use of certified raw materials to the traceability of each production stage, up to the validation of each single batch of finished product supplied with a certificate of compliance.

Our internal R&D department, equipped with the latest 2D and 3D simulation software, allows us to develop and monitor all phases of the project up to the validation of the production process.

Extrusion blow moulding and injection stretch blow moulding

The blow moulding department occupies an area of about 800 square meters with a potential production of more than 100 million bottles per year.

Capacities ranging between 10ml and litre.

S.M.P. has invested in the highest reliability and technology machinery, in order to guarantee the best quality standards of the final product. The machines installed have fully electric drives, which guarantee product quality and clean production environments according to the most modern and strict production standards.

Injection moulding

The injection department occupies a total area of over 1.000 square meters with installed machinery which guarantee a production capacity of over 500 million plastic components per year. All lines are highly performing, therefore able to meet the needs of large production volumes while maintaining the highest quality standards.

S.M.P. constantly invests in updated machinery and tools dedicated to the production and monitoring of the injected plastic components.


Area of about 300 square meters.

Our competence guarantees high quality complex assembled finished products and furthermore ensures compliance with standards established in the supply quality agreement. The department’s modernity and automation fully satisfies high production volumes.

Special processing: screen printing and pad-printing decoration.

In order to provide a complete service, we work alongside special customization processes, such as decoration with screen printing and pad printing techniques.